Monteverde Hostel

What sets Costa Rica hotels from Hostels Accommodation in rest of the world is that we always offer more than what people expect, this is why our customer satisfaction rates are so high. Monteverde Lodge Hostel despite using the term "hostel" is rather a combination of both; a hotel with beautiful cabins and private rooms; and dormitory style rooms for 6 people, especially for groups of students, families, study groups or travelers who do not mind sharing the room with other visitors, which invites people to meet new friends and fellow travelers.
Monteverde Lodge Hostel features seating areas or a spacious lobby, kitchen accessible to all our customers, Wi-Fi; all these services created sustainably with the environment. With a location in the middle of a lush cloud forest, which gives the opportunity to observe many species of flora and fauna from the same room, we have several miles of trails, organic plantation and an amazing view of the town and the Gulf of Nicoya. All this just 3 minutes from downtown Santa Elena.
In Monteverde Lodge Hostel we have private rooms ranging from single to quadruple and dormitory rooms with a maximum capacity of 6 people; the rooms have hot water, cable TV, private bathroom, Wi-Fi.

Arenal Hostel Resort

One of the great beauties of Costa Rica, a monument admired by people all over the world, the most photographed places, the majestic Arenal Volcano; Surrounded by nature, adventure, fun, a place with an unsurpassed scenic beauty, visited by a lot of people from all countries. Come here to explore or rest and relax surrounded by silence and the mystery of our mountains.. more

Hostel Backpacker la Fortuna

La Fortuna de San Carlos, a town in the province of Alajuela, one of the most visited places in Costa Rica by foreigners because it has one of the most active volcanoes in the country as well as relaxing hot springs, beautiful scenery and variety of flora and fauna complemented with all kinds of tourist attractions. Hostel Backpackers La Fortuna has a great location, just 200.... more

Santa Elena Hostel Logde

The Monteverde Cloud Forest located along the Continental Divide of the Tilarán sub mountain range, central north Costa Rica is one of the most diverse, lush and pristine Tropical Forests in Costa Rica and in the world. Due to its location along the Division between the Caribbean and Pacific slopes it gathers species from both, one..


Tamarindo Hostel Resort

Costa Rica Hostels has distinguished hotels to offer our customers a low economic profile but with excellent quality in its physical plants and their complementary services, being located in the most important tourist areas in our country, fortunately we put available a new hotel in one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica, Playa Tamarindo